Our country has experienced financial troubles that affected our hardest-working families. Many American workers have lost their jobs and families are finding that they cannot make ends meet.

Despite creating over 173,000 jobs nationally every month since July with our national unemployment dropping below 8%, our district 22 is still suffering unemployment of over 16% - double that of the nation unemployment rate. This is unacceptable.

It is vitally important that we get people back to work so individuals and their families can thrive. We can accomplish this by creating jobs and investing in resources that will not only allow those that are out of work to return and prosper, but will create assets for the future of the Valley.

There are many ways to create jobs and set the Valley up for success including:


  • Opening and exploiting new markets abroad for United States agricultural products.

  • Removing federal tax benefits to companies that shift jobs outside America.

  • Making the Valley a good place for business by offering incentives, creating infrastructure, and building Class A LEED certified buildings to attract Fortune 500 companies.

  • Increasing funding to our agricultural industries to promote water conservation, farming technology, and the reduction of air and water pollution.

  • Promoting more opportunities to meet the increasing demands of organic farming.

  • Leveraging the billions of dollars of federal and state funds to build a high-speed rail to provide thousands of local jobs for Valley residents in its construction, operation, and maintenance. This will boost our economy by ensuring the hiring of local workers and companies.

  • Promoting high-speed internet infrastructure in the Valley.

  • Providing incentives to develop more solar farms to use the Valley's unique sunshine to generate megawatts of electric power locally.