Seniors’ Issues


Some view seniors drawing social security benefits as being dependent on the government. I completely disagree. Seniors that have contributed into the Social Security system throughout their working lives have justly earned this benefit. We must give due respect to the seniors that have worked hard, blazed the trails before us and provided us the opportunities to succeed. It is vital that they are not being neglected, marginalized, or forgotten.



I respect our seniors and I am committed to:


  • Supporting legislation that bans employers from age discrimination such as the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (POWADA).

  • Opposing any proposal to cut benefits to Social Security Recipients.

  • Keeping Social Security system in a “lock box” from privatization by Wall Street. Alternatively, encouraging efforts to increase or lift the wage cap of Social Security contribution in order to raise more revenues to strengthen the system in the long term.

  • Protecting Medicare benefits that are guaranteed to all seniors today.

  • Opposing cuts to our Medicare system through a defined subsidy in the form of a voucher or debit card of diminishing value. Such a proposal would raise a California senior’s annual premiums by over $1200, or lower the benefits. Such change would dismantle the current guaranteed set of Medicare benefits, and instead allow private insurance companies to impose new limits on coverage that might not be able to cover expensive surgeries and treatments. Some seniors would face financial ruin due to costly medical bills exceeding the limit.

  • Supporting expansion of Medi-Cal to assure availability of long-term care to middle and low income seniors.

  • Fighting to negotiate with drug companies to reduce prescription drug costs.

  • Supporting legislation that protects seniors from elder abuse and online fraud and holds perpetrators accountable.

  • Providing funding to research on debilitating and chronic diseases that affect seniors including Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.